4 Reasons to Use StorEdge™ Technology

Because harnessing solar power for energy use is a fairly new phenomenon, keeping up with the latest technology is part of our job. That’s why we’re excited about the imminent release of StorEdge™ from SolarEdge. 

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About SolarEdge

Years ago SolarEdge created a solar inverter that increased the efficiency of PV systems. Since then we have recommended the SolarEdge system in both residential and commercial uses because of its many benefits, including reliability and flexibility. 

What is StorEdge™?

StorEdge™ is an all-in-one solar monitoring system that manages your PV generation and storage. What does that mean? It means you’ll automatically be provided with backup power if your grid is ever interrupted. And it stores the power in its battery during low usage times to streamline your energy usage during high usage times so you’re taking nothing off the grid. It’s even compatible with Tesla Powerwall for backup in order to keep your efficiency levels high.

Why are we so enthusiastic about a monitoring system? Here are four reasons we’ll be recommending StorEdge™.

1.    It gives you more energy

With StorEdge™, SolarEdge is only improving on its technology, coupling with a DC optimizer to increase the amount of energy harvested from your rooftop panels. Your PV power is stored directly in the battery, or Tesla Powerwall, and no energy is wasted on additional conversions from AC to DC. While it may not actually provide you with more energy, it helps you retain the energy you may otherwise be wasting on inefficient inverters.

2.    Its installation is simple

StorEdge™ uses a only single DC inverter to save your energy, and that already comes with the hardware that’s necessary. It’s also flexible on where the battery is located. You don’t need special wires for installation, just the same PV cables. And it’s SolarEdge ready, meaning once StorEdge™ is released we will be able to install retrofit kits on all our SolarEdge™ 7600 inverters.

3.    It’s safe

StorEdge™ uses only a low current during both installation and operation. It also utilizes Rapid Shutdown technology, making sure your systems are up to code and fire safety standards.

4.    It provides you with full visibility

With SolarEdge’s online monitoring system, StorEdge™ provides you with the ability to see all aspects of your system, including PV production, self-consumption, battery status, and remaining hours of backup energy. The more you know, the better you’re able to consume your energy smartly, getting you closer to net zero.

Are you interested in being first in line for StorEdge™? Contact us to learn more.

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